"The Case for File Swapping"

Nigel Rantor wiggly at wiggly.org
Thu Nov 17 16:02:28 GMT 2005

Peter Hickman wrote:
> Despite the fact that milliard is an English (and French and German and 
> Dutch) word it is little used by speakers of English native or 
> otherwise. The use of uncommon words by people writing about their pet 
> peeve / obsession / crusade screams KOOK. That or a social studies 
> graduate.
> The purpose of the link was to show that there exists a more widely 
> known word that could have been used in it's place that would actually 
> made the article (marginally) more readable. The adoption of 
> unconventional words in colloquy does not aid the advancement of 
> conspicuous articulation. And it makes you look like a prat.

Well, I have not, do not and will not be using the word but I can see 
why it might be a good idea.

The difference between US and UK billions still causes problems. Maybe 
not for you, but it does for my circle.

Which word is more widely known and isn't ambiguous? I see none there.

Perhaps using a word that is unambiguous is a good idea(tm)?


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