The Virtue of Tactfullness [was Re: "The Case for File Swapping"]

Paul Orrock paulo at
Thu Nov 17 16:45:44 GMT 2005

Shlomi Fish wrote:
> Hi Mr. Schwartz!
> I'm sorry to say that, but you are again extremely tactless. You seem to have 

[ snip ]

To call someone extremely tactless and then rant on for over 500 words about how much you don't like them and why in a public forum is ... erm ... extremely tactless.

I haven't read the diatribe against Randal and nor do I intend to, not because I think you're wrong or right but, because I think it is out of order to post something to a list that you've never posted to and then rant against people who disagree with your essay. 

As Dirk rightly said "I ought to leave well alone, really, but I just can't". 

The problem with answering to trolls is that you only feel better about shooting them down  until you re-read your email in the list. So that'll be me in about five mins then. ;-)


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