The Virtue of Tactfullness [was Re: "The Case for File Swapping"]

Ovid publiustemp-londonpm at
Thu Nov 17 17:12:10 GMT 2005

--- Paul Orrock <paulo at> wrote:
> The problem with answering to trolls is that you only feel better
> about shooting them down  until you re-read your email in the
> list.  So that'll be me in about five mins then. ;-)

Well, if you want to have fun without dealing directly with Shlomi, you
can go to the which he claims Randal "attacked" (even
though he really didn't) and have fun laughing.  The code is decent in
some places and then you turn the corner and there's this big steaming
pile of ones and zeros staring you in the face.  For example:

They've had this and other flaws pointed out but they still won't
correct 'em.  Ordinarily I wouldn't be this harsh but since they claim
to be "complete, working examples of good Perl code" and they refuse to
fix their bugs, I say "off with their <head>s".


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