Game over. We lost. Nothing to see here, move along.

Leo Lapworth ranguard at
Fri Nov 18 08:51:38 GMT 2005

On 17 Nov 2005, at 23:17, David Hodgkinson wrote:
> How about we scrub the agenda for the LPW and work out how to get  
> Catalyst
> as smooth as rails - imdb in 15 minutes if you will. With Ajax. We get
> lights and video cameras in and demonstrate why Leo(n) won prizes,  
> then
> use our collective bandwidth to make sure it's everywhere.

We're doing a talk on it at LPW - come see the sexy side of Catalyst,
we're towards the end of the day so It's not going to be very code  
focused - but
you should get an idea of how easy it is to do stuff with Catalyst.


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