Game over. We lost. Nothing to see here, move along.

Graham Seaman graham at
Fri Nov 18 14:42:47 GMT 2005

Rev Simon Rumble wrote:

>I just had a dangerous thought:
>What if the next Web Frameworks evening took a standard problem and
>showed how to solve it using each framework?
That would exactly not solve one of the problems, which is: given that 
there are multiple frameworks around, what is the different focus of 
each one? After last night, I have some feeling that I might want to go 
for Django if setting up a community site or a newspaper (but maybe not 
a shop), Rails if I have an application I need to set up very quickly, 
but where my data is likely to be simple and not need too many joins to 
fetch from the database, Catalyst if I want total flexibility but don't 
mind spending time learning about a lot of modules by different authors. 
But why might I want to use maypole and not catalyst? (or vice versa)?

To show that kind of thing, you'd want each framework to take an example 
of the kind of application  it is best at and show how it can be 


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