Game over. We lost. Nothing to see here, move along.

Sebastian Riedel sri at
Fri Nov 18 20:22:57 GMT 2005

18.11.2005 15:48 Aaron Trevena:
> I'd certainly like to see more collaboration between catalyst and
> maypole, Matt and Marcus have both been helpful and cooperative, but I
> get a lot more stick than anything helpful if I ever try to talk to a
> catalyst developer in public.

Then why are YOU kicking and banning me from when i ask  
you about collaboration? (happened 10 minutes ago)

> Maypole and catalyst both share common underlying technologies,
> programming language and utilise apache/cgi/etc. Maypole and catalyst
> also have SVN and web provided by the same people (for now at least)
> so in between the sniping is there is some cooperation.

They share Perl, thats about it...

> Collaboration on standardising behaviour for stuff like the Path
> attribute, what a word means (driver, model_class, etc), patterns and
> idioms would be cool.

So you want to standardize the Path attribute Catalyst is using for  
months, and you've just stolen? :D
There is no "driver" in Catalyst.
Maypole stuffs actions in the Model while Catalyst distinguishes  
between Controller and Model, how should we standardize?
What patterns and idioms are you talking about?


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