[ANNOUNCE] [LPW] thanks and slides

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Mon Nov 28 15:17:38 GMT 2005

A big thank you to everyone who turned up - of the 262 people who signed 
up an informal head count suggested about 140-150 actually turned up 
which is about what I expected.

Apologies to those who were there who saw me runnign round liek a 
headless chicken when one of the speakers pulled out an hour before his 
talk and 2 of the speakers were MIA and uncontactable.

I uploaded all the talks to the web site just before the workshop - 
they're available from 


I was hoping to have them all before I sent out a mail announcing that 
but several of the speakers have been slack.

The hats of shame must be handed out to Jos Boumans (I find his 'flu' 
story highly dubious) and Greg McCarroll (great talk but I *still* 
don't have his slides despite them being the same ones he gave to 
Dorkbot last week).

Narrowly avoiding the hat of shame is Tom Hukins who got his slides to 
me at 2am before the conference (when I happened to be await).

The hat of shame is hovering uncertainly over the head of Jose Castro
swears he upload his talks as a distribution to CPAN but they've
suspiciously no appeared some 4 days later.


Mark Fowler is let off since he had to step up to cover Jos and 
therefore couldn't really be expected to have *any* slides.

enjoy the slides,


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