RPC::XML vs Frontier::RPC

Randy Ray rjray at blackperl.com
Tue Nov 29 19:23:16 GMT 2005

> I'm looking at doing a  xml/rpc webservice with perl client and either
> perl or c/c++ server and checking out RPC::XML and Frontier::RPC.
> Has anybody used either?

First off, a disclaimer: I'm the author of RPC::XML, so I am clearly biased. :-)

> Are there any significant differences beyond how the API differs?

I'm pretty sure there are, but I was neither trying to avoid nor embrace the
Frontier API, so any resemblance (or lack of) is purely coincedental.

> Frontier seems to handle the typing of arguments automagically and I
> was looking at writing a wrapper for RPC::XML that would make the
> typing less tedious -- anyway I'm not sure how well Frontier will work
> with a C/C++ server.

RPC::XML also does auto-typing. You only need to explicitly type arguments when
they are ambiguous, such as using "123" as a string instead of an integer, or
when using booleans (since Perl doesn't distinguish them from ints).

> Also almost every perl example on the interweb is Frontier and the
> documentation for both is a little sparse.

Hurm. I like to think I've put a fair amount of effort into my docs, though I
may be light on actual sample code.

The biggest difference between my package and Frontier, is that mine is still
being maintained and enhanced. Granted, I don't release as often as I would
like (the curse of having a day-job to pay bills), but I don't think Frontier
has released in years.

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