ADSL providers

Andrew Beattie andrew at
Fri Dec 2 16:58:28 GMT 2005

David Cantrell wrote:

>I have.  While the service still Just Works, their customer support is
>now not good enough.  eg, I send an email asking for a copy of the zone
>files for the domains they are doing DNS for for me, and they send back
>a screenshot of some stupid windows thing which only shows some of the
You might want to consider blackcat.

It seems to be run by a handful of true techies.  They have an 
engineering announcement mailing list and they let me know of any work 
planned or unplanned (in advance, or after the fact as appropriate).  
They certainly know about DNS - they run secondary DNS for probably a 
couple of hundred domains over here at Ourshack.

Hmmm... they offer native IPv6 and there is a link to the PGP key on 
their home page.  That kinda sums up the sort of outfit that they are.


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