About London Perl Mongers

What is London.pm?

London Perl Mongers is a group of people who use Perl in their work or personal programming projects and like to meet and talk about it.

London.pm have technical and social meetings, have a mailing list, an IRC channel, and fit in to the larger Perl Mongers organisation.

Curiously, London.pm members aren't confined to London or even the UK, but live all around the world.

When do you meet?

London.pm social meetings are held on the day after the first Wednesday of the month. This usually means the first Thursday of the month.

Technical meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of every other month, although this sometimes moves to take into account the Perl conferences around the world.

Additional "heretics" social meetings are held when the first day of a month is a Thursday.

How come meeting dates are so complex?

Thereby hangs a tale.

However, don't worry too much about the rules for when meetings are. Reminders are posted regularly to the mailing list, and there's a page on this site which is kept up to date with forthcoming meetings.

Where is the mailing list, and what's it for?

You can subscribe to the london.pm mailing list (also referred to occasionally as 'london-list') or read the archives online.

The mailing list is for general discussion of Perl in London, but there is no rigourously enforced topic. There are quite a lot of things that come up as references and in jokes and there are some things you should be careful about doing on list as you can annoy people.

I don't want that much mail. Is there an alternative?

In addition to the general list, there's also an announcement-only list. This only receives about four or five mails a month, so might be more to your taste.

You mentioned an IRC channel.

Several members of the group use the IRC channel #london.pm on the perl.org network. Connect to irc.perl.org, and /join #london.pm

We have a fairly wide variety of bots on channel; there's a short guide to the channel so you know who's who.

What have London.pm achieved?

London.pm have sponsored a camel at London Zoo for two years, organised the first YAPC::Europe conference and raised a chunk of the initial funding for sponsoring Damian Conway via YAS. London.pm members have spoken at all of the major Perl conferences, including TPC, YAPC::NA and YAPC::Europe and the German Perl Workshop, and several of our members have authored books.

We also have a server, Hobbes, which hosts this web site.

London.pm members have authored scores of CPAN modules, and contributed to the NMS and Template Toolkit projects, amongst others.

How can I get in touch with the leader?

At the time of writing, Sue Spence is the leader of London.pm

She follows a distinguished list of leaders, starting with founder Dave Cross, Paul Mison, Mark Fowler, Simon Wistow, Greg McCarroll, Leon Brocard, Leo Lapworth and Tom Hukins. See the history page for more details.

You can send mails direct to whoever the current leader is by emailing this address.

Can I find out more?

Yes; in addition to the pages mentioned above about the mailing list and IRC channel, we also have a section on frequently asked questions, a small glossary, a page about our history and another about the camel.

If you still have questions, why not join the mailing list and ask there?

About the site

The most recent incarnation of this site was created by Leo Lapworth and a host of authors. london.pm.org is graciously hosted by Exonetric.

It was created using Perl, Template Toolkit, Plack and Perl modules.

You can check out the source code for the web site from the github repository: