Information about meetings

When do meetings take place?

Social meetings are held on the day after the first Wednesday of every month; 'heretic' (see the FAQ) and technical meetings (usually bi-monthly) are scheduled as below. Our calendar is available as iCal or Atom feeds.

Please come and join us if you have any interest in Perl and live in, work in, or can be in London on the night of the meeting.

Forthcoming meetings

What time do meetings start?

Social meetings start after work, e.g. when people get there, usually starting around 6pm (although some people often don't arrive until around 8.30pm).

Technical meetings tend to have a 6:30 pm for 7pm start, so people travelling have time to get there - though we'll still let you in if you arrive later. A gathering of 'early birds' can sometimes be found at a local bar.