Domain naming (was: ADSL providers)

Andrew Beattie andrew at
Mon Dec 5 21:02:00 GMT 2005

Nigel Rantor wrote:

> Nice guy I knew at school was called Michael Hunter, he didn't like 
> his first name being shortened.


Some more names...

My mother had a teacher "Miss Nut".  The class thought nothing of it 
'till one of them opened a book that was a present from her parents. 
Inside the cover, they had written: "To our dearest Hazel..."

The best band name I've heard was called "Free Beer".  They worked 
mostly as a support band as in: "Sat night at the Red Lion, The Beatles 
with Free Beer"

The best project name was at our favorite telecoms monopoly: "Office 
Automation within BT", abreviated to "BOAT"


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