"Update" to app2ed

Robin Berjon robin.berjon at expway.fr
Tue Dec 13 13:38:01 GMT 2005

On Dec 13, 2005, at 13:03, Simon Cozens wrote:
>     Parsing: This has to be HTML::TreeBuilder and XML::TreeBuilder.

Does it? Not that I'm against these modules but at least for the XML  
side, not supporting namespaces is a pretty huge limitation AFAICT.  
I'm nowhere near as involved in Perl XML as I used to be, but I still  
use the stuff regularly and for all the advantages XML::TreeBuilder  
might have, I simply couldn't use it because of that. One still finds  
non-namespaced XML in config files and some internal stuff, but it's  
getting rather rare overall.

I don't have APP2 but looking at the ToC that's online it looks like  
you don't mention XML::LibXML (which I guess is the most successful  
option these days), XML::LibXML::XPathContext, XML::Twig, etc. If you  
want to go XML there are a few options. If not covered I'd definitely  
go for one of those, probably the first in that list.

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