O'Reilly discounts

Greg McCarroll greg at mccarroll.org.uk
Tue Dec 13 22:28:57 GMT 2005

On 13 Dec 2005, at 21:43, David Cantrell wrote:

> So they're just about cheaper than Amazon now :-)

But I've yet to see Amazon sponsor a rival competitor. ORA sponsor  
which are definitely in competition to their own conferences. And at  
for the first YAPC::Europe I don't believe It would of happened without
the generous, flexible and friendly sponsorship of ORA.

So while I know It was a tongue In cheek comment, let me just say  
from the
standpoint of an YAPC organizer and keen YAPC attendee, I'll be happy to
purchase from www.oreilly.co.uk and I'd encourage other YAPC  
devotee's to do
likewise. Just remember not to buy too many books so you still have a  
you want to buy at the auction ;-)

Summary: ORA have been good to us in the past, lets throw our purchases
their way now.


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