Coming soon to a London near you...

Tamsin herself at
Sun Dec 18 01:27:51 GMT 2005

Simon Batistoni said:

> If people are up for dragging their already-sozzled carcases to a
> hostelry of some sort (I'll leave someone else to name it - I have no
> idea where you lot all work or drink these days) on Monday, Tuesday or
> Wednesday then it would be an honour to drink with you all. To make
> arranging mildly easier I nominate Tuesday at random, unless a
> majority have a preference for a different day.

Not Beer Monday.  and possibly Tuesday and Wednesday too

Working Monday,  the other days are deeply negotiable.



Because we've all been to Pimlico
It's the kind of place lovers like to go
And if you don't, you will never know
It's got a lovely gallery

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