Coming soon to a London near you...

Simon Batistoni simon at
Sat Dec 17 09:29:39 GMT 2005

...someone you'd completely forgotten about!

Yep, after a rather long list-hiatus and an extended stay in Silicon
Valley courtesy of everyone's favourite startup-purchaser Yahoo!, I'm
back - for a limited time only - in everyone's favourite British

Specifically (because I'm crap at actually writing emails), my plane
leaves in 15 hours' time and I'll be on hallowed ground at about 10am
on Sunday. Should be in London until Thursday before attending to
family Christmas type things, so...

If people are up for dragging their already-sozzled carcases to a
hostelry of some sort (I'll leave someone else to name it - I have no
idea where you lot all work or drink these days) on Monday, Tuesday or
Wednesday then it would be an honour to drink with you all. To make
arranging mildly easier I nominate Tuesday at random, unless a
majority have a preference for a different day.

Bicker amongst yourselves about the pub-of-choice, cancel that pesky
Tuesday wedding you were supposed to be attending as Bride/Groom and
come say hello.

As an extra incentive, you'll get to closely monitor my accent and
take the piss out of any slight Americanism you detect.

Yours in anticipation of too many pints,


ps. just for old times' sake, "Buffy!"

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