PostgreSQL v MySQL 5.1

Paul Makepeace at
Wed Dec 21 16:24:20 GMT 2005

MySQL 5.x boast several new features that seem to somewhat quash the
previous pro-Pg arguments: MySQL now has views, subselects, constraints,
and even a procedural language. And MySQL has long had a standard
easy-to-implement replication system, in contrast to Pg's stated "one
size will never fit all so you don't get any as standard".

Has anyone looked into the differences in detail, and/or have any
practical experience? I'm less interested in religious positions or
comments about x.0 releases (esp since it's at 5.1)...

My biggest gripe on MySQL 4.1, aside from the lack of the above SQL
features, has been non-standard SQL syntax, in particular around date
math and DDL.

looks useful but slightly out of date resp 5.x.


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