PostgreSQL v MySQL 5.1

Harry Jackson harryjackson at
Wed Dec 21 18:25:28 GMT 2005

On 12/21/05, Paul Makepeace < at> wrote:
> MySQL 5.x boast several new features that seem to somewhat quash the
> previous pro-Pg arguments: MySQL now has views, subselects, constraints,
> and even a procedural language. And MySQL has long had a standard
> easy-to-implement replication system, in contrast to Pg's stated "one
> size will never fit all so you don't get any as standard".

I have been using PostgreSQL now for several years and not having
(production standard) replication has always struck me as odd to say
the least. I originally chose Pg because all of the above features
were missing from mysql but I am now starting to look at mysql with
envious eyes due to replication which is something I might eventually
need. The only issue with the above features is that they are new
which probably means there are going to be more bugs than normal.

I recently upgraded form Pg 7.4.7 to 8.1 and the performance gains
have been quite staggering. I am seeing a 30% increase in one
particular query and getting a 14% increase across the board on the
SQL used by the site.

Another thing that looks interesting is that Sun are going to be
backing PostgreSQL. I am
hoping that this will help the development of PostgreSQL and that we
might start to see some more features added sooner.


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