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Wed Jan 11 20:13:02 GMT 2006

>>>>> "SW" == Simon Wistow <simon at> writes:

  SW> Some of the most disgusting code ever to grace this earth. A master 
  SW> piece of unfunctionality paradoxically combined with stupendous 
  SW> overengineering.

  SW> Check it out! Not one. Not two. But THREE passes with Template Toolkit.


  SW> Let me know if I've missed anything.

yes, you missed my little talk on my (private) module, tiny template,
which i gave last night to 42 lines of code and does most of
what any templater would want! here are the slides and the source and
example uses are linked in there. be scared as i will release it one day
at Template::Tiny (another TT! :).

one day it will rule the template world!

have the appropriate amount of phun and phear!



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