[OT] Useable BIOS RAID 1 on the cheap?

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at ntlworld.com
Wed Jan 18 09:28:45 GMT 2006

John Costello wrote:
> halt when you power them off.  $WORK had a longish enforced shutdown (10
> days).  The day after the shutdown, a higher-than-normal number of people 

Even nastier - over heated disk bearings after very long run periods
have been know to "seize". This is not to say that the platter no longer
turns, but that starting friction is too great and the drive pulls too
much juice or simply gives up. Sun pizza boxes were notorious for this
when 2 drives were installed - the upper drive would overheat due to
the lower drive and within a year of so they would fail to reboot
to die "screaming" (worn bearings do scream)

Taking a poll - do people here leave (home/desk) machines running 24x7 
or do they power down when done for the day.

My "work" boxes in the den are left running 24x7 but the PVR/games PC
in the living room is only booted when required. In fact I have known
my Paul to boot it four or five times a night - to look something
up he sees on TV or record something. So I ma in the 24x7 camp but
my Paul prefers to reduce the leccy bill :-)


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