"fixing" RCS files

jesse jesse at fsck.com
Wed Feb 1 22:52:11 GMT 2006

On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 09:32:12PM +0000, Tara Andrews wrote:
> I have a problem I want to solve, and I can't imagine it's unique, so
> am wondering if any of you know of an existing solution.
> I have a bunch of RCS files, gathered over the years in a CVS
> repository.  For most of these files, someone at some point in the
> past decided that adding the $Log$ keyword in the header somewhere was
> a good idea.  I have a bunch of exporting, importing, merging, etc.
> that I want to do, and these revision logs are making the merges in
> particular a massive headache.
> So.  Is there anything out there that will take an RCS file with some
> amount of revision logging, and output an RCS file from an alternate
> universe where no one was foolish enough to stick the $Log$ keyword
> in?  Is there anything that will get me part of the way there?
man co gets:

       -kk    Generate only keyword names in keyword strings; omit their  val-
              ues.   See  KEYWORD  SUBSTITUTION  below.   For example, for the
              Revision keyword, generate  the  string  $Revision$  instead  of
              $Revision:  5.13 $.  This option is useful to ignore differences
              due to keyword substitution when comparing  different  revisions
              of  a file.  Log messages are inserted after $Log$ keywords even
              if -kk is specified, since this tends to  be  more  useful  when
              merging changes.

Which may point at the codepath to neuter.

> -tara


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