REVIEW: Essential SNMP, 2nd Edition

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On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 09:57:20AM +0000, Simon Wistow wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 07, 2006 at 06:53:00PM -0000, McGlinchy, Alistair said:
> > "Essential SNMP, 2nd Edition" 
> > By Douglas R. Mauro & Kevin J. Schmidt 
> > Published by O'Reillly Associates.
> Added to the website,

And removed from the Naughty List!

Those now on the list are:

* Greg McCarroll, who owes reviews of Mastering Regular Expressions (2nd
  ed) since Oct 2002, and a review of Programming Jabber since Nov 2002;
* Paul Makepeace, who owes a review of Perl & LWP since Oct 2002;
* Paul Mison owes a review of Essential Blogging, since Nov 2002;
* Tom Insam owes a review of Perl & XML, since Nov 2002;
* Mark Fowler owes a review of Computer Science & Perl Programming since
  Jan 2003;
* Richard Clamp owes a review of Oracle In A Nutshell since Feb 2003;
* Ivor Williams owes a review of Practical C++ Programming, since Feb
* Ian Brayshaw owes a review of the XSLT Cookbook since Jun 2003;
* Joel Bernstein owes a review of Linux On The Mainframe since Sep 2003;
* Nicholas Clark owes a review of Secure Programming Cookbook for C since
  Nov 2003, and a review of Writing Modules for CPAN wince Feb 2002;
* Ben Evans owes a review of the Cisco Cookbook since Feb 2004;
* Dan Rowles owes a review of Spamassassin since Sep 2004;
* Stuart Children owes a review of the CSS Pocket Reference 2nd ed since
  Sep 2004;
* Andrew Black owes a review of Apache Security since Apr 2005;
* Dean Wilson owes a review of Network Security Tools since Jun 2005;
* Roger Burton West owes a review of the Snort Cookbook since Jun 2005;
* Matthew Byng-Maddick owes a review of Mastering Free/OpenBSD Security
  since Aug 2005;
* Robin Barker owes a review of Higher Order Perl wince Aug 2005;

and the naughtiest person on the list is ...

* Me, having owed a review of BGP since Oct 2002

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