Young Whisky

Peter Corlett abuse at
Mon Feb 20 12:29:24 GMT 2006

Nicholas Clark <nick at> wrote:
> Well, most recently, I was at this bar, and I was thirsty, and the choice
> was American "beer" (ie mainstream mass produced brown liquid, the brands
> that they export, 'cos they're crafty and keep all the good local stuff
> local) or Newcastle Brown. It didn't seem like a hard choice.

Ah, yes, I remember strolling into a pub once and being presented with a
similar range of horsepiss and chemical factory output. The choice I took
was "uh, I think I'll leave and go find a better pub."

I have heard it said that the reason Microsoft is choosing to work with the
government of Nigeria in stopping 419 scammers is that it's easier to rebuild
the Nigerian government and economy than to fix the bugs in Microsoft code.
						- Mike Andrews in the Monastery

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