Young Whisky

Jonathan Peterson JPeterson at
Mon Feb 20 13:01:56 GMT 2006

> Well, most recently, I was at this bar, and I was thirsty, and the 
choice was
> American "beer" (ie mainstream mass produced brown liquid, the brands 
> they export, 'cos they're crafty and keep all the good local stuff 
> or Newcastle Brown. It didn't seem like a hard choice.

If you are a fan of good American beer, this place sells many kinds in 
bottles and has a couple on draught:

Also most of the usual Belgian suspects. Nice place, but not cheap. 
Personally I find US microbrews tend to be too bitter and dry. I remember 
asking them why they had so many US specialty beers and so few British. He 
said it was simply because US breweries were willing to ship him a crate 
or two a month, and UK breweries weren't able or interested to handle 
orders that small. Pathetic.

Does anyone know why UK breweries seem incapable of decent distribution?


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