[JOB] Perl Software Developer and Database programmer

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 21 16:51:10 GMT 2006

Pete Sergeant wrote:
> Credit to them for not requiring a degree in computer science tho,
> because their non-technical CTO has 'ideas'.

Non technical CTO's are PHB's - They should not have ideas - they are
there to look good, talk to the board and let people who know WTF they
are doing get on with it :-)

The original ad smells similar to vacancies at thompson local
(farnborough) - somehow I don't think anyone but script kiddies will
apply for a "web system admin" role for the stated salary (12 to 15K) in
an area where housing is in the 200K->500K range and bedsits cost 


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