XML::LibXSLT and <xsl:import> bug - possible bug in XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser?

Randy J. Ray rjray at blackperl.com
Tue Feb 21 19:17:59 GMT 2006

Toby Corkindale wrote:
> I updated SOAP::Lite on a machine, and then afterwards discovered that an
> application using XML::LibXSLT was now failing to process some templates.
> It fails on <xsl:import> nodes, and I can reproduce it in a simple stand-alone
> test. (A workaround Matt discovered is to use parse_stylesheet_file() rather
> than loading the XML via XML::LibXML and parsing the document over to
> parse_stylesheet().)

I just saw some traffic about this problem on the perl-xml mailing list. I
don't know what their timetable for fixing it is, but they are aware of it at

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