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She's right you know...

A couple of months ago I was in a public multi story car park in Slough in late afternoon. Now given what Jacqui has said - imagine how nice the council run car parks are in Slough. In fact I think they use them to double up as public toilets... I digress... As I walked up the stairs I could hear this noise... no, it's not... yep, I got a few flights up and a couple were there, on the p*ss covered stairs, in the cold, grunting away having sex. At least they did have the decency to pause while I stepped over them...


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Dirk Koopman wrote:
> What is it with you people?

Sluff is a smelly pest hole (and I live closer than most of you).
Apart from "yardie city" (baker st area), even Reading is safer.
Hell, even Bracknell (THE hell hole of the thames valley - I lived there for over 4 years) is nicer than sluff.


Of course, I consider most of london to be as smelly a pest hole as sluff :-)

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