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Robert Shiels robert at se71.org
Wed Feb 22 17:38:31 GMT 2006

O'Shaughnessy, Jamie wrote:

>She's right you know...
>A couple of months ago I was in a public multi story car park in Slough in late afternoon. 
[Snip nasty Slough carpark story.]

As someone who regularly uses the carparks in Slough (for shopping, 
cinema, supermarket - not that other stuff :-), I'd be interested to 
know which one this was. I usually have my children with me.

Slough is a dump, but it has a couple of indoor shopping centers, and 
the multiplex cinema, so we go there if we need stuff and it's raining 
hard. The next nearest cinema to me is Staines, which isn't much better.

I worked in Slough for a year a while back, and only one of my 
colleagues was mugged for their laptop.


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