[JOB] Perl Software Developer and Database programmer

Tim Sweetman ti at lemonia.org
Wed Feb 22 21:05:28 GMT 2006

Brian Wisti wrote:

>So far, I've gathered 3 things from this very long thread:
>* Slough is a dump, but a dump with a cinema and sex in public.
>* Brighton apparently has a nudist beach - and anyone who has actually
>been to a nudist beach can tell you that this is not always a good
Aye. We only believe in metaphorical willy waving on london.pm, apparently.

>* 'local' is as useful as nipples on men.
"local" allows you to save a few lines of code, dodge a few really nasty 
bugs, and wind up the lusercop. This is somewhat useful, but if it's 
that or start losing erogenous zones, I'll take the long-winded code. 
Yes, I know, I'll end up doing J2EE thinking like that.


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