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Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 09:43:04 GMT 2006

On 22/02/06, Paul Makepeace <london.pm.org at paulm.com> wrote:
> Je 2006-02-22 13:52:53 +0000, O'Shaughnessy, Jamie skribis:
> > My original point was more about the apparent lack of good developers, who are not just technical, but are more rounded -
> Maybe they're being hired by folks with more money / more challenges /
> more technically interesting stuff going on?

Probably - I got a couple of interviews in slough, and decided it
wasn't worth the grief - there are a good selection of companies in
slough, but slough is even grimer than bracknell (where I worked for
18 months). You could always live in windsor or maidenhead which are
reasonably nice, but way over-priced.

At least Reading has a decent town centre, doesn't feel as if you're
going to be mugged (although statistically you're probably just as
likely), but seems to stand on it's own two feet rather than being
little more than a 'grotty industrial estate between london and
reading', which is how slough looks and feels.

Quite why anybody would decide to move offices for professional
graduate level staff to slough is a mystery, for a call centre or
factory, slough might be ok for recruiting kids who left school with 2
GCSE's or less. For people with a mortgage somewhere much nicer and
kids, they really aren't going to want to relocate to that dump or
waste a couple of hours commuting on grotty trains or congested roads
each way.

> I wonder how much the ol' amazon 1-click patent is still affecting
> decisions.

There are more, amazon now have several very dodgy software patents -
like automated billing for a webservice, etc.

I don't buy from amazon at all now, Play don't have software patents
and are frequently cheaper.

I certainly wouldn't want to work somewhere that if I had a halfway
decent idea (or even something very obvious) it would end up being
patented and I wouldn't be able to use it in my next job.. Then there
are union and other HR related dirty laundry in the states..

I would imagine that that is far less important than the fact that
amazon decided to put an office in a dump like slough.


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