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David Dorward david at
Thu Feb 23 12:02:59 GMT 2006

On Thu, Feb 23, 2006 at 11:45:07AM +0000, Jacqui Caren wrote:
> I have started to move to audio books (CD/DVD -> MP3).
> A set of cordless headphones and you can listen to "stranger in a
> strange land" while soaking in the bath :-)

If I used my bath (its pathetic so I shower instead - the shower is
wonderful with nice hot water and lots of pressure), then my response
would be "Meh. I mastered the art of not dropping books in the water
years ago."

Audiobooks are great for the car though. I've got most of the Big
Finish ranges ripped for driving places, and mplayer built against
Real Player lets me grab nice large chunks of radio 4[1] and convert
it to mp3 for the same purpose.

[1] Latest rip:

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