Replacing the camera

Andrew Beattie andrew at
Fri Feb 24 21:04:29 GMT 2006

Robert Shiels wrote:

> I'm in the market for a new digital camera too, but I'm finding myself 
> more and more confused by this thread. I am also coming to the 
> conclusion that I need two cameras, one to take great quality photos, 
> which will probably be more bulky, and a nice compromise camera that's 
> pocket sized.

For the "small" category, I just love my Sony T7.

5.1 Megapixel

3x optical zoom

About the same size as a credit card wallet with a hanful of credit 
cards in it.

Screen as large as possible.

The size is a huge win.  I pack it in a small "crumpler" neoprene case 
and it fits comfortably in my pocket alongside my wallet, keys and phone.



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