Replacing the camera

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Sat Feb 25 01:28:40 GMT 2006

Toby Corkindale wrote:
> Yeah.. Obviously you need a D200 or D2x: Metal body, dirt/weather-proofing
> seals. :)

With  deep water kit[0] and air bags fitted :-)

If I drive in to next Thursdays meet, you will get to see how we treat 
our stuff - my car has one door folded in because someone was too lazy
to lift a post out and tried to drive around it. His latest trick was
leaning into his car and starting it in gear - in front of the garage!
Result - one wrecked garage door, front bumper and a wrenched knee.

We have talked about what we would use a decent camera for. He is a bit
of a twitcher and takes like minded people to places like bird world and
nature reserves but never manages to get a single decent (non blurred) 
photo with the cheapo digital or the good APS compact.

We also carry the camcorder during the summer when out for long walks.
You get to see lots of wildlife (deer etc) around here and it is nice
get piccies, usually at a bit of a distance tho.

We already have a heavily padded camera bag for the camcorder (c/w
decent folding tripod) This could be used to carry/protect a decent camera.

I would most likely use it at parties/wedding/dog shows etc. I have
twice given DVD players as presents and it is really nice to give a
picture CD or DVD with the machine so that they get a digital album
of the party/wedding with it... As many of the family are now just
over thier teens are in "relationships", more weddings are a distinct
possibility in the next few years.

[0] The existing camera would probably end up as part of his fishing
kit to log catches :-)


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