Jeff Anderson captvanhalen at
Sun Feb 26 21:03:57 GMT 2006

Actually, we have "butter" fountains. It's butter flavored oil, but
it's soooooo tastee. We all line up before the "butter" fountain and
take turns running through it with our 5 gallon ... oh sorry ... our 
8.927059 liter tubs of popcorn and frolic about.

Now you know why our blockbuster movies really suck. We only care
about the "butter" fountains ... the bigger the fountain, the higher
we rate the movies.

On 2/23/06, Greg McCarroll <greg at> wrote:
> On 23 Feb 2006, at 11:46, Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> > Let's talk about lobsters instead.
> i generally believe that there can be no such thing as too much butter
> in cooking, however american's tend to over do the amount of butter
> they serve with lobster.
> it reminds me of a story a friend told me about a trip to an american
> cinema, where you got your popcorn and then went to a 'butter fountain'
> to get some butter on it. i'm sure it wasn't as impressive as i'm
> imagining it - but i can't help but hope it was an elaborate ornamental
> affair with multiple streams of golden goodness flying through the
> air. as some sort of celebration of overindulgence.
> mmmm butter.
> G.


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