[JOB] LAMP type work

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Tue Feb 28 12:39:23 GMT 2006

I got this mail from a recruiter and since he seemed like a nice person
who'd made an attempt to get some information first I thought I'd post
it here. 

I also asked him if he has any insights as a recruiter trying to find 
Perl people. He might be a good person to invite to a tech meet.

If he does come along to a meeting try to keep the faeces flinging down 
to a minimum - whilst you may feel that acting like a prick towards to 
someone is big and clever you actually reflect badly on the whole 

/me narrows his eyes


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Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 00:15:34 +0000
To: leader at london.pm.org
From: Christian Hughes <xtian at xtian.net>
Subject: Re: London PM Meet - 2nd March
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.746.2)

Hi Mark,

I see from the site you are the leader on the London group.  I'm  
interested to find out whether your next gathering is the type of  
event whereby I might be welcomed as someone looking to find a Perl  

In particular I'm trying to find someone to modify some existing perl  
code.  As well as perl skills, Linux, SQL (Oracle), Apache and  
Sendmail knowledge would be beneficial.

I appreciate the gathering may not be conducive to such approaches,  
hence I wanted to check with you first.

If you think it appropriate, perhaps you could let me know how many  
are usually in attendance and I will endeavour to join you.

Best Regards

Christian Hughes
Tel : 01753 689160

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the problem with private jets is that I don't get airmiles

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