[JOB] LAMP type work

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 28 13:31:16 GMT 2006

Simon Wistow wrote:
> I also asked him if he has any insights as a recruiter trying to find 
> Perl people. He might be a good person to invite to a tech meet.

You could invite him to the social (first) - having met you ugly lot,
he would hopefully be a tad less terrified when standing up and
letting us know what he thinks of us :-)

He may also make a neat speaker at YAPC EU :-)

> If he does come along to a meeting try to keep the faeces flinging down 
> to a minimum - whilst you may feel that acting like a prick towards to 
> someone is big and clever you actually reflect badly on the whole 
> community. 

What you do is not who you are.


p.s. The excpetion to the rule is anyone involved in the legal 
profession - they have to think of thier obligations 24x7.

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