Paul Orrock paulo at
Tue Feb 28 17:35:59 GMT 2006

Roger Burton West wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 28, 2006 at 05:03:52PM +0000, Robert Shiels wrote:
>>Not to mention recent vodafone advertising for unlimited internet on mobile 
>>phones. I've ranted already here 
>> but basically, 
>>they're lying too, you only get 1Gb per month.
In this case I would say that vodafone are breaking the trade descriptions act.

"The 'unlimited' price plans are subject to a fair usage limit of 1GB per month. " 

Then their T&Cs state that they will charge you for it or terminate your contract if you don't stop. 
This is not unlimited bandwidth . I'd complain to the ASA on that one.

An example of where unlimited is allowed to be used is in Tiscali's unlimited broadband package. If you break their FUP then they will just turn down your bandwidth during peak times but, will not restrict the amount of data you can get or charge you more for it. In particular because they are careful to advertise the service as up to 2mbps so there is no guarantee of a specific rate. This to me is fair enough. 

> So, Nildram's weaselling, Zen is too... 

I'm just curious, what have Zen done to annoy people ?



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