[JOB] LAMP type work

Paul Orrock paulo at digitalcraftsmen.net
Tue Feb 28 17:56:41 GMT 2006

Jacqui Caren wrote:
> Ah it was my understanding that there are constraints upon the
> personal lives of certain people in the legal professions. 

>  * police officers are not allowed to run up gambling debts.
>  * lawyers can get into deep poo for accepting gifts, expressing
>    personal opinions, "lying" etc.

It's also not just that *they* can't do anything immoral, it refers to anything they have knowledge of. A friend of mine is an accountant and she has to be careful what friends tell her since she has an obligation to report it if she suspects it's fraudulent or otherwise dodgy. Solicitors are also under a similar code within their professional body. 

Estate Agents must also report anyone suspected of conveyancing fraud or for example transactions designed to launder 50 million quid through buying a house or 20 ;-)



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