Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Tue Feb 28 20:08:41 GMT 2006

Nigel Rantor wrote:
> Jacqui Caren wrote:
>> And I hope epson is also off the xmas list - they are threatening
>> TP cart manufs again - see thereg.
> I spit on Epson and their damnable colour inkjets that consume ink like 
> drug addicts.

They are much nicer than Lexmarks - which melt the carts (built in 
printhead) so that you cannot fill them - with a lex it is cheaper to
buy a special offer printer than the carts on thier own!
I do not like the hassle required to remove the crap a lexie leaves when
you switch printers - and yes the crap left after a complete uninstall
does affect other printers - my canon only worked properly after I did a
complete XP re-install.

FWICR HP timestamp the carts - if they are out of date they don't work
which makes sporidic users like myself (a few line diagrams then a
heap of gloss photos when I get "the urge") waste carts.
Also HP printers have a tendency to cause BSODs even under XP - but only
with the high end jobbies :-)

> I am much happier with my Kyocera b&w laser...who bloody needs colour 
> anyway.

I had the companies really old epson DMP - a new cart was 4USD
but almost no one does them anymore so it went to the dump.

Our Canon pixma 1500 is OK - not exactly reliable and prone to jams and
the printer driver for linux costs almost as much as the printer and
does not work :-( IMHO I don't think canon give a shit about linux
users, which is a great pity. I will have to look elsewhere when the
pixma gets replaced unless canon get thier act together - evidently they
will not even respond to the linux print driver developer community!

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