Matt Jones solearther at
Tue Feb 28 20:14:43 GMT 2006

On 2/28/06, Jacqui Caren <jacqui.caren at> wrote:
> Support is a complete joke and they have a tendency to charge for
> unwanted services AND stick prior unpaid calls on your initial bill
> but if you can live with no support, regular weekly outages of at least
> 2 hours at a time and having to check every bill for re-introduction of
> unwanted such as call waiting - when you dont even have a phone line,
> NThell is not too bad :-)

Yeah, well, I've got NTL broadband and yes, their customer support is
dreadful (it just took them over 4 months to cancel an extra set-top
box), but I've haven't had a broadband outage for the past three plus
years. I live out in the provinces, so my experience is probably not
indicative of what you can expect in That London, but if you're out in
the sticks they're not bad.


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