Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Tue Feb 28 23:04:32 GMT 2006

Matt Jones wrote:
> years. I live out in the provinces, so my experience is probably not
> indicative of what you can expect in That London, but if you're out in
> the sticks they're not bad.

Where - I am in Camberley GU15 4DP (a.k.a. the sticks) and right next
door to the Farnborough support center. Many of the support staff live
nearby - by the number of nthell vans parked around here at night :-)

The last major outage lasted nearly a month. Eventually they fixed it.
Someone finally listened as we kept telling them that the street
cabinet had been torn open (kids using the cover as a skateboard ramp)
and the rain and sleet had flooded it out.

After sending "cable guys" to every house in the street they finally 
sent someone to fix the street cab - he covered his repair with a
bin liner and duct tape. A few weeks later when it was totally
vandalised (likely by irate customers with no phone TV or DSL!),
they installed a new cab.

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