Peter Hickman peter at
Wed Mar 1 10:19:45 GMT 2006

Simon Wilcox wrote:
> How do you use up 90Gb/mth legally (I'm actually quite curious about
> this, not doubting that you're being legal !) ?
I am a bit of a language / technology junky so I am downloading all 
sorts of crap to play with. I also squirrel away loads of data that I 
find (sites , pdfs, images etc). Currently have around 350,000 images 
from Flickr alone! I used to archive a bunch of Usenet ngs. Then there's 
the douji and porn :-) Actually this goes in fits and starts, at present 
I am in a multi player Civilisation game so bandwidth is down to around 
a 1/10 Gb per day.

> Check your T&Cs, running websites is probably not allowed. Anyway, running
> websites on a 256k upstream pipe seems a bit silly. Surely a Bytemark VM
> or similar would be a better option ?
Probably, but NTL have been surprisingly lenient but I expect that this 
will come to an end someday. The problem is that my sites are 
HTML::Mason based, I have yet to get round to making them static because 
they probably don't need all that baggage.

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