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Wed Mar 1 14:42:40 GMT 2006

On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 01:10:26PM +0000, Robert Shiels wrote:
> David Cantrell wrote:
> >I'm curious what Nildram have done to annoy other people too.  I know
> >what they've done to annoy me, but it's nowt to do with bandwidth caps.
> >Their IP service delivery is still excellent.
> I just don't like my Ts&Cs being altered.

Nor do I.

>                                           I bought unlimited broadband 
> from Nildram, and now I don't have it. I wasn't given a choice in giving 
> it up.

They've not done that to me.  Then, I'm on a business-user thingy, so
maybe that's the difference.

They have changed my Ts and Cs though - instead of paying them one month
after invoice they randomly decided that I should pay them in advance
every month.  I've been paying them in arrears for SIX YEARS, and never
missed a payment.  That they threaten to cut off the service because of
this arbitrary change that I wasn't notified about is a bloody cheek.

Their customer service went down the toilet when they lost their
independence too.  It takes them several days (and a couple of
reminders) to do something as simple as changing the Nominet tag on a
domain now.  And if you ask them for a copy of the zone file for your
domain, they send a screen shot from some Windows app which has half the
information missing.

And to cap it all, when I told them to give me the Migration
Authorisation Code so I can shift my DSL to another provider, they asked
me why, when I'd already made it clear to them that I wasn't happy about
their customer service!  Mind you, they also asked what it would take to
make me stay.  I've replied "uncapped 1Mb SDSL at the same price that
I'm paying now".

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