Robert Shiels robert at
Wed Mar 1 13:10:26 GMT 2006

David Cantrell wrote:

>On Tue, Feb 28, 2006 at 05:35:59PM +0000, Paul Orrock wrote:
>>Roger Burton West wrote:
>>>So, Nildram's weaselling, Zen is too... 
>I'm curious what Nildram have done to annoy other people too.  I know
>what they've done to annoy me, but it's nowt to do with bandwidth caps.
>Their IP service delivery is still excellent.
I just don't like my Ts&Cs being altered. I bought unlimited broadband 
from Nildram, and now I don't have it. I wasn't given a choice in giving 
it up.

I don't use it, my downloads are currently very small, but if I decided 
I wanted to try every current Linux distribution on some new hardware, I 
now know I'd probably get told off, or have my account terminated,  for 
downloading all the CD images. Or if I wanted leave Second Life on 
constantly, from the looks of my wireless card LED, that's a bit of a 
bandwidth hog, I might also fall foul. I'm happy for slow broadband, 
1Mbps is fine, I just want no limitations.

I just like having redundancy in my systems in case I want it. I have 
two BT phone lines, one has no phone attached, it's just a backup. I 
have two laptops. I have enough spare computer components to build a new 
PC if I needed one, though I already have three working ones at home 
already. My mobile phone contract gives me 350 free minutes a month, I 
think I use less than 40 most months. Err, enough on the redundancy 
argument I think :-)


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