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Thu Mar 2 14:11:16 GMT 2006

Je 2006-03-01 13:34:51 +0000, Nigel Rantor skribis:
> Hail,
> Submissions for coolest employer are now being taken.
> If you, your (girl|boy)friend or a close friend work at a groovy 
> employer then let me know and tell me why they're groovy.

What's this for? Are you looking to be hired? :-)

The winners of a "50 Best Companies to Work For, Ireland 2006"
competition were announced today, and Google Ireland came in the Top 10:

The 100% subsidised canteen (today menu's included gnocchi in blue
cheese & garlic sauce), free beer (&, er, cider), snack fridge,
dual 21" wide screen LCDs, opteron desktop, etc are certainly nice.
Training's several weeks expensed in California.

A remarkable amount of other stuff is provided. I randomly put in for
a kitchen juicer (there is a ton of fruit around) and it was immediately
approved. It's also nice seeing a company actually acknowledge and act
on the idea that folks need 2-3months training for some positions. They
treat their engineers *very* well.

Oh, and quite groovy code-base and hw infrastructure too :-)

Drop me a line offlist for more info...
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