[ANNOUNCE] [REMINDER] Social - Tomorrow, Thursday March 2nd @ The Star, Belgravia

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at ntlworld.com
Thu Mar 2 15:30:05 GMT 2006

Greg McCarroll wrote:
    *I* wrote:
>>> Sorta like watford gap is the border to l-pm'ers
> On 2 Mar 2006, at 13:02, David Cantrell wrote:
>> s/watford gap/the thames/
> You really shouldn't be so judgmental, Mr. CR.* postcode ;-)

Odd - we GU15ners think anyone who lives inside the "ring of hell"
(aka M25) must be insane to pay so much more to get so much less.

I know that I could not afford to insure 2+ cars inside the


[0] Buffy, pony, Pie -- Q: does the star have "Pie"?

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