amazon quits sluff because the peeps canna talk propa

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Sun Mar 5 14:47:14 GMT 2006

Randy J. Ray wrote:
>>"Amazon has decided to relocate its customer service centre to Cork in a
>>bid to take advantage of stronger language skills in Ireland."

> Heh... reminds me of a fairly-recent story in which a Japanese automaker
> (Toyota, I think) pulled out of plans to locate a plant in Mississippi and
> place it in Canada, instead. The reason? Several other makers (I think one was
> Honda) warned them that the workforce there was so badly-educated, they had had
> to translate much of their training manuals into pictorials.
> I *wish* I were kidding.

I come from a mining and shipbuilding area in the UK (tyne and wear)
and the stereotype for the area is close to the above. Both industries
are dead and unemployment is bad, people are deperate for work.
When Nissan decided to build a car plan in europe they picked my home
town and the workers gave it thier all - up to and including pre-work
exercises whilst singing the company anthem - I kid you not!
The Japs loved the north eastern workers as they had the same work ethic 
and company loyalty and really made everyone feel at home. Also because
of the prior heavy industry they got a skilled workforce. I think the
plant has now moved elsewhere - IMHO jobs migrate to lower costs.

> OK. That place gets added to the list of sights to see. Anything that rates
> that kind of description has to be experienced first-hand.

It is a bit like certain parts of NY or Boston - there are bits you do 
not want to go in/thru at night.

If you are in the area to/from YAPC (and do not have transport), I would
be happy to give you a guided tour of the high and lowlights. FYI: 
windsor castle and legoland are nearby. Others can probably provide
a good list of high and low spots to visit.


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