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> This one time, at band camp, Randy J. Ray wrote:
> > Heh... reminds me of a fairly-recent story in which a Japanese
> automaker
> > (Toyota, I think) pulled out of plans to locate a plant in
> Mississippi and
> > place it in Canada, instead. The reason? Several other makers (I
> think one was
> > Honda) warned them that the workforce there was so badly-educated,
> they had had
> > to translate much of their training manuals into pictorials.
> That's the usual bollocks that goes around.  Almost certainly the
> real 
> reason they chose Canada was tax breaks, free stuff given by the 
> province, that kind of thing.

No.  I'm familiar with the story and this is not the case.  The stated
reasons for the move were the illiteracy of the Alabama workers raising
training costs (they really used pictorials) and Canada's health care
system lowering insurance costs. 

Alabama actually offered Toyota huge tax breaks to get them to stay,
but Toyota left anyway.

This was a big story over here for a while, but somehow, folks just
used this to poke fun at Alabama rather than look at the underlying
costs (Alabama had recently rejected a plan to raise taxes on the rich
to help their pay for education.  Opponents of the plan argued that
higher taxes for education would costs the state jobs.  Oops)


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