amazon quits sluff because the peeps canna talk propa

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> Again, like my post hinted last time, more and more car companies are
> locating their factories in the South.  This is also for tax benefit
> reasons.  My native county is one of the northernmost counties in the
> Gulf Opportunity Zone, created in the aftermath of Katrina.  This tax
> incentive is one of the main things they are luring Kia with, along
> with the success of the Nissan plant and the fact that they recently
> bagged a helicopter factory and steel plant.  The other competitor for
> the Kia plant is not Canada, but Georgia.  So, if we're all illiterate
> fools, we must learn real fast from them thar pictorials.

Richard Stallman on incentives:

"I think the states should increase their bargaining power against
companies by forming a union. We could call it the 'United States of
America.' ... Here's how it would work. All the states would agree to
be bound by a rule that when a company considers locating a facility
in more than one place, none of those jurisdictions can offer it a tax
break without the consent of all the others. ..."


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