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Matt Sergeant msergeant at
Mon Mar 6 20:23:23 GMT 2006

On 3-Mar-06, at 5:31 PM, Pedro Figueiredo wrote:

> i have an ip5000 and am extremely pissed off because i can't get it  
> to do proper b&w, it's always a sort of sepia (mac os x, photoshop  
> cs, adobe rgb 1998 profile in everything). do you have any luck  
> with b&w with the 4000?

Here's what I use from Photoshop 7 with my ip4000:

in the PS print dialog:

Color Management:
Source Space: Document
Print Space: BJ Color Printer Profile 2000, Perceptual (no Black  
Point Comp).

in the OS print dialog:

ColorSync - Color Conversion: Standard, Quartz Filter: None
Quality & Media - Media Type: Photo Paper Pro (and I only use Canon  
paper). Print Mode: Printing a top quality photo.
Color Options- Color Correction: BJ Standard, Print Type: Photo.
Everything else left as-is. Save this profile as "Photoshop" so it's  
easy to do next time.

That seems to work for me. It took hours of experimenting to get this  
right though.


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